Characteristics of ancient roses

Ancient roses

Ancient roses are species that existed before hybrid or modern ones. The first hybrid rose was in fact introduced in 1867 and the classification of roses identifies the ancient ones as the varietiesà existing before the introduction of hybrids. Ancient roses are varietiesà natural, therefore not subjected to any treatment or hybridization. In nature there are many varieties; of ancient roses, even if some, due to the ever increasing diffusion of modern roses, have been lost or have become rare species.


  Ancient roses are natural plants and therefore not subjected to any hybridization. They exist before 1867 and are thought to have their origins since the first appearance of 26-rsquo; 26-year-old humanity.   These roses can have red, yellow, white, fuchsia and pink flowers. These are usually very small but intensely scented buds. For this characteristic, ancient roses are highly sought after and used in the garden. These are species that can flower only once or more; times and with great capacityà adaptation to different temperatures. 


  Ancient roses are preferably buried in the open field, even when they are bought in pots. The hole to be dug in the ground must have at least a depth of 26-agrave; double that of the vase. The planting of old roses usually takes place from November to March.   The soil should preferably be clayey and not acidic. The hole should be filled with sand and gravel or other draining material, then fertilize and bury the roses. At the end we proceed to water. The irrigations must not touch the leaves and flowers, but only the base of the plant.   Ancient roses bloom   between spring and l’ summer and reproduce by cuttings or by bud grafting.


Ancient roses, such as già said, they are characterized by small and intensely perfumed flowers. Among the varietiesà più notes we remember the Alba rose, with light flowers that bloom during the month of June, the Gallic rose,   varietyà ancient without thorns with a single bloom and white or two-colored buds. The Portland rose, reproduced thanks to the cross between the Gallic rose and the Damask rose, with pleasantly scented red or pink flowers.   The Chinese rose, varietyà thornless, re-flowering and suitable for temperate climates. The bourbon rose, the più tall of ancient roses (about four meters), with red, pink and white flowers. The mossy rose, with large flowers covered with a moss from’ fruity smell. The multiflora rose, very thorny and with a bushy habit. With the exception of the last 26-rsquo; varietyà ;, the other species of old roses are generally thornless.