Ancient roses for sale

Between ancient and modern roses there really exists 26-rsquo; spoiled for choice. The varietiesà ancient are those that existed before the invention of hybrids, which took place at the end of the nineteenth century. Although modern roses are widespread, there is still a large group of old rose admirers. These roses make up the real “ story” of gardening and today represent a very coveted relic by enthusiasts. These are roses of high historical value and therefore also called “ collectible roses&rdquo ;.   Antique roses are very fragrant and are also chosen for “ deodorize” naturally a specific environment.

Sale of old roses

Antique roses are sold in nurseries specializing in collectible roses. These points of sale can be found live, even close to home, or on the web, where dozens of e-commerce stores are swarming for the sale of old roses. These e-commerce companies are often part of reliable and authoritative nurseries that boast over ten years of experience. Through the online catalogs you can view the descriptions of dozens, indeed hundreds, of ancient roses. L’ nonè online purchase; risky, providedé we buy bare-rooted roses, which are less affected by transport and future planting.

What old roses to buy

Even if you choose to stay in the realm of antique roses, there really is 26-rsquo; spoiled for choice. These roses in fact have a regal bearing and a truly unmistakable scent.   Many species develop in an upright position and are called “ tree&rdquo ;. Others have a bushy habit which makes them suitable for growing in the garden. Among the old roses to buy, the Gallic rose, the centifolia, the mossy centifolia, the damask, the portland, the dawn rose, the Chinese roses, the bourbon, the noisette and the tè roses; Many old roses already existed; in the Middle Ages. 


Antique roses are collectible species. Their selling price therefore takes these characteristics into account. The bare root specimens have a price between eleven and twelve euros. Searching the web you can find nurseries offering discounts on the main varietiesà of old roses. It is necessary forò verify that they are really ancient. To this end, we point out that some ancient roses, usually about   half a meter high, through hybridization can reach up to one and a half meters in height.   An example in this sense è the Gallic rose, considered the più ancient among the European roses.