The sale of climbing roses

Climbing roses

Climbing roses have a growth and bearing similar to other plants of the same name. In fact, they tend to climb and climb any surface. L’ decorative effect of climbing roses è no doubt excellent, soì like it è the landscape result. Modern, ancient, evergreen or remontant, climbing roses can satisfy any design and garden furniture need. These species are   able to decorate and screen pergolas, gazebos, balconies, espaliers, railings, arches   and separation nets.   Climbing roses can also be placed on walls or slopes. L’ important è that are arranged in such a way as to best enhance the space you want to decorate. Thanks to the different varieties, climbing roses allow to obtain different effects. These depend on the behavior of the individual species. In fact, some grow in an arc, others towards l’ high,   some towards the bottom, others horizontally. The different shapes can be adapted to any load-bearing structure, you just need to know the creepers that move in the same direction as the surface to be covered. 


Climbing roses are classified into four distinct categories: Climber Roses, Rambler Roses, Noisette Roses and Climbing English Roses. All varietiesà indicated offer a wide range of colors and growth, guaranteeing truly spectacular results. With climbing roses, every corner of the outer space can be covered; transform into a fairytale place. Of course, all of this takes place; è possible if you know the different varietiesà of creepers and their bearing.

Where they sell

A’ excellent assistance for planting climbing roses is provided by nurseries. In these places, in fact, vines are grown and sold. Buying vines from a nursery also allows you to have a direct demonstration of how they are grown and their decorative effects.   Today, thanks also to the web, è the direct sale of climbing roses is widespread. The e-commerce of the sector base their business on the marketing of these flowers. Before proceeding all’ online purchase it is always advisable to view the images, descriptions and browse the catalogs with the different collections.  

Climbing roses costs

The più the arch climbers are expensive, which cost between 25 and 44 euros. Also very beautiful are the climbing roses in pots, those with the growth towards l’ high. These species are among the più sold and cost about 15 euros.   Climbing roses capable of perfectly shielding a gate or fence cost, however, only ten euros.