English old roses

English old roses are undoubtedly a category of roses that is very popular with both connoisseurs and simple rose lovers. There are several reasons why old English roses are so loved, but undoubtedly the scent and beauty of the flowering of these roses are two of the main reasons why many people buy these types of roses. Many ancient climbing roses are actually 26-agrave; of modern hybrids that however have characteristics very similar to ancient roses in terms of color and perfume. True antique roses forò they have a particular characteristic, which makes them different from current remontant roses: ancient roses bloom only once a year. Some old roses don't even bloom every year but one thing è certain, when ancient roses bloom, they give a real spectacle of nature. The beauty of the flowers of these 26-agrave varieties; of roses è something unique and rare and their aesthetic value, combined with the incredible scent, far compensates for the failure to bloom again.

Why choose old English roses

The old English roses have an exceptional aesthetic value and è this is one of the main reasons why they are chosen by many people to decorate their garden. In fact, antique roses are perfect for decorating trellises, gazebos, wooden shoots and any other decorative element for the garden. In fact, with their soft colors, ancient climbing roses fill the garden during flowering, while during the rest of the year they maintain an exceptional decorative value simply with their leaves.