Extremely remontant roses

Roses are considered to be among the most popular plants; beautiful in nature. And with them nature è she was really generous, becauseé he endowed them with petals and flowers of rare beauty, but also with a variety of varieties; and especially with an unmistakable charm and scent.   To make a contribution to the beauty of roses, even professional hybridizers, who for years, indeed for decades, have been inventing varietiesà truly spectacular hybrids. In recent years, for example, re-flowering and very re-flowering roses are in great demand. The former bloom più times l’ year, the latter, even continuously. Their flowering is in fact induced or forced by special hybridization techniques.

What are

The remontant roses are of the 26-agrave varieties; hybrids that bloom very fast and continuously. Their splendor is evident; admire from April to October, but also much earlier and much later. The re-flowering of these roses is speeded up and expanded through specific hybridization techniques. The very remontant roses are therefore hybrids belonging to different varieties; già known. In the nurseries there are about two hundred varietiesà of re-flowering and very re-flowering roses.


The characteristics of remontant roses are similar to those of hybrid roses and therefore large flowers and lush petals, unmistakable colors and scents to make your head spin (in a good way). The bearing of the very remontant roses è regal, the stem è durable sturdy and può reach l’ height of one meter. The specimens più minutes (so to speak) stand around eighty centimeters in height. The colors of the remontant roses are varied and range from fiery red, to pink, to yellow, to salmon, to shades&sour; mottled. Some specimens, for example, have yellow inner petals and white or pink outer petals. Admire the colors of the remontant roses è truly a magnificent show.

Where to find them

  The remontant roses can be found in specialized nurseries. Although più resistant than others, these roses require the care and attention normally due to other flowering plants. Varieties are available in nurseriesà bare-rooted and potted. The planting and the transplantation of these roses must therefore follow the same rules already 26-agrave; views for varietiesà known.   The remontant roses should preferably be purchased bare root. In this condition the roses are kept in a state of “ vegetative rest&rdquo ;, ieè d block of shoots. Roses, in fact, kept in a cold environment, do not germinate until they find the right climatic condition after transplanting. The remontant roses kept cold should be purchased from November to March. There are also roses grown in warm environments and sold in convenient bags with peat. These forò are più delicate and could die prematurely in case of sudden frosts. For a più yield; efficient it is therefore advisable to buy very remontant roses grown in cold environments.