Ground cover roses

The ground cover roses are beautiful plants to create borders and small flower beds and thanks to their marked rusticity; they also adapt very well to those very disturbed places such as streets and public parks. The main reason why the ground cover roses are widely used in public parks è precisely this, the great resistance to stress that characterizes these plants but not only. In fact, the ground cover roses are able to offer a beautiful flowering without però require great cultural care. These roses in fact do not need anything other than an annual pruning and possibly some fertilization, to keep themselves in good shape.

How to choose them

The ground cover roses are available in many varietiesà and colors. On the internet and in the nursery you can find different varietiesà of these little roses and the colors that come more ugrave; often bought are red and yellow, although obviously pink and orange are also very popular. The roses belonging to this group do not present major differences in terms of characteristics. They are all low, never exceeding 20-30 centimeters and generally re-flowering even if the first spring flowering &is severe; surely the most ugrave one; substantial and rich. The type of flower and its appearance can vary greatly depending on the variety, passing from single flowers to double flowers very rich in petals. For the specific characteristics of the roses, however, the varietyà must be carefully analyzed; purchased as within the ground cover roses there may be substantial differences between one rose and the other.

Flowering climbing roses

The flowering of the ground cover roses può take place from the beginning of spring until the month of May and usually lasts for the whole of the summer season. The period in which the roses are moreù rich in flowers è certainly the beginning of flowering, when the rosebuds formed at the end of the 26-rsquo; winter bloom giving beautiful flowers. Most of the ground cover plants are remontant but it is advisable to inquire well at the time of purchase because 26-eacute; there are also ground cover roses that bloom only once.

Pruning climbing roses

The pruning of the ground cover roses must be carried out as soon as the intense cold è finished, before the vegetative restart begins. As soon as the winter days become less cold, around February, it can get worse; start thinking about pruning the ground cover roses. The pruning cut è almost always very intense and deep as the ground coverings always have a good casting and must in any case remain at a contained height. The end of the 26-rsquo; winter è a good period also to fertilize the rose garden, which will goà enriched with organic or mineral fertilizer to put under the mulching layer.