Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrids of tea are the 26-agrave varieties; più modern roses. These varietiesà they are used to create decorative flower beds. With large flowers and classic swirled petals, the tea hybrids are più roses; appreciated and cultivated by enthusiasts. These roses have iridescent colors and a really pleasant posture guaranteed by long and sinuous stems. Due to their shape, tea hybrids also lend themselves to being cut. It is varietyà with long lasting flowering. Tea hybrids are numerous, of various colors and with different characteristics. In fact, in the nurseries there are hybrids with red, white, yellow, pink and così petals; Street.

Hybrids of Red Petal Tea

Tea hybrids include in their “ parterre” even the wonderful red roses. Always a symbol of love and passion, modern hybrid roses are wonderfully red with intense and very bright colored petals. Among the red tea hybrid roses we remember Black Baccarà ;, with dark red petals flecked with black, Ingrid Bergman, with bright red petals, Liebezbauber, always with red petals and Marcel Pagnol, a splendid hybrid with red petals and brilliant. Hybrid tea with red petals with light streaks and yellowish reflections are: Osiria, Double Delight, Earth Light, Eddy Mitchell. Other red petal hybrids are: Papa Meilland, Parfum de Nuit, Paris Matche and Victor Hugo.

Yellow Tea hybrids

Tea hybrids with yellow petals are aesthetically appealing and include roses like Valencia, with deep yellow petals, Arlen Francis, with lemon yellow petals, and Tivoli, yellow rose with outer petals that turn white. Splendid è also Pullman Orient Express, with yellow inner petals and red-fuchsia outer petals.

Ibirdi of White Tea

Among the tea hybrids, white roses cannot be missed. We mention some of the most important ones; notes: Rebe d’ amour, white rose with slight pink undertones, Royal Copenhagen, white rose like a wedding dress, but always with subtle pale pink tendencies, Cosmos, with cream-colored petals, and Emma de Meilland, with external surface of the petals white and orange inside.

Hybrids of Tea other colors

Hybrids of tea are also lilac, orange, salmon, pink. We remember Blue River and Caprice de Meilland among the former, Flora Danica and Gioia, among the latter, and Exotica and First Lady among the latter. A mixture of pink, orange and salmon are the petals of the wonderful Cherry Brandy, which probably contains in sé all varietiesà color of tea hybrids.