The colors of nostalgic roses

Nostalgic roses

Nostalgic roses come like this; defined becauseé they recall the varietiesà ancient. Actuallyà they are hybrids made also with crosses of più species; modern. Their bearing and perfume make them però similar, if not identical, to ancient roses. For this reason they are called “ nostalgic&rdquo ;. The evocative power of these roses è truly remarkable, soì like it è their bearing and appearance. Large, lush, shrub-like, nostalgic roses have large, intensely perfumed and variously colored flowers. These roses are ideal in the garden or for growing in pots. Very resistant, nostalgic roses can be grown individually or arranged in groups in the garden, perhaps even in a flowerbed, to create flowered areas with a remarkable decorative effect. 


The choice of colors of nostalgic roses is very wide, not only beautiful to smell, because of their scent, but also to see, because of the sometimes classic colors of roses, and sometimes out of the ordinary. Some varietiesà of nostalgic roses have even been awarded at international competitions. In fact, the colors of these roses range from amaranth’ to dark red flecked with white, to yellow and salmon.  

Variety colors

The più beautiful nostalgic roses have been made in recent years, i.e. from 1995 to 2007.   Noble nostalgic roses, for example, have colors ranging from ’ orange, to light pink flecked with yellow, up to Golden yellow.   These varietiesà they are excellent as garden roses and for growing in pots, while the varietiesà with yellow flowers they are ideal as a cut flower.   The nostalgic shrub rose è it was awarded at an international competition held in 2002. Its flowers have an intense burgundy color, ideal for flower beds, but also to give a beautiful cut flower. Among the nostalgic roses with large flowers, the varietiesà stand out; with red flowers, which has always been considered the true and only color of roses.   Some varietiesà they have blood red petals, while others have burgundy red flowers.  


The nostalgic roses to choose and admire in the nursery or at the exhibitions are also   remontant,   shrubby, climbing,   floribunda and tea hybrids. Each has shades of 26-agrave; of different colors and a pleasant scent. Many nostalgic roses are also easy to grow due to their high resistance to adversity; weather conditions, such as rain or frost. This feature, combined with their unique and unmistakable colors, makes them suitable to be the queens of the garden and of every external corner that you want to enrich with their colors and their delicious scent.