Nostalgic roses

By the name of nostalgic roses we mean a group of very popular roses similar in many respects to old roses. Nostalgic roses are in fact large-flowered roses, almost always composed of a large number of petals and with a flattened cup shape. The colors of nostalgic roses are almost always oscillating between pink, white and l’ orange and they are always soft, almost suffused colors. The colors of the nostalgic roses are undoubtedly of the shadesà for connoisseurs, very far from the bright yellow or fiery red of florist roses.


The bearing of nostalgic roses può vary a lot according to the single variety; rose; there may in fact be some nostalgic ones with a shrubby bearing, others with a climbing habit and still others with a bushy-carpeting habit, without forgetting that some nostalgic ones are very similar to tea hybrids. A feature common to all nostalgic roses è however, undoubtedly the good resistance and the moderate development of these roses throughout the summer. Endowed with a discreet re-flowering, the wrinkled ones resist well to both summer and winter storms and on the whole they can be considered quite rustic roses. Lovers of novice roses should therefore not be frightened by the wrinkled ones and can cultivate them without problems becauseé are a’ excellent varietyà with which to engage in the cultivation of roses.

Plant nostalgic roses

From a landscape point of view è always better to place the nostalgic roses at least in groups of 3, trying to group the nostalgic ones by creating small bushes, small spots of color and flowers with similar characteristics.
A nostalgic rose much appreciated both for the flower and for its scent è the Bremer Stadtmusikanten, the rose with light petals dedicated to the Bremen musicians. At maturityà it reaches 100-120 centimeters in height and due to the delicacy of its flower it recalls the camellia. Other beautiful roses are undoubtedly Hercules and Westerland, the first with a shrub size and the second with a larger size; contained.