Rosa Osiria

  The less experienced may confuse the name of this rose with the well-known soubrette Wanda Osiris. In fact, the plant in question is called rosa Osiris or Osiria. We do not know if this hybrid was created for the famous actress, the fact remains that it is a beautiful plant with a truly spectacular flowering.


The rose Osiria è a hybrid of large-flowered tea. The plant, with a bushy habit,   has double petal inflorescences and with the characteristic of the double color: pink all’ inside and white outside. This rose has a certain effect in many contexts, both in floral decorations for events and in garden cultivation. Indeed, we could say that the osiria rose truly represents the flower all’ eyelet of any green space.


  The rose Osiria è a very resistant plant and to cultivate it the same precautions must be implemented already; seen for other roses. The planting of the plant takes place in the open field, digging holes in the ground and fertilizing them with organic fertilizer, preferably manure. L’ burying must take place about five centimeters above the ground, starting from a graft point represented by the swollen part where the branches grow. The plant adapts to both cultivation in mid’ shade and full sun. Once adult, the Osiria rose reaches around eighty centimeters in height. This flower è ideal also cut. The osiria rose is fertilized and pruned in early spring. The pruning of this rose è drastic becauseé it stimulates its flowering. After the cuts, only five branches are left.

Where to buy and costs

  The Osiria rose, or rather splendid specimens of Osiria roses, can be purchased in nurseries and e-commerce. The plant is   sold in pots and è già pruned. Before pruning it, therefore, we must wait another twelve months. In the Osiris rose, in fact, the pruning è annual.   An osiria rose costs just overù of nine euros. There are some retailers who offer osiria roses on offer at a cost of fourteen euros for every two copies. 


  The rose Osiria è a grandiflora rose, ieè belonging to hybrids with large flowers. With this species it is possible to create magnificent roses that bloom from May until the first frosts. The plant looks good on its own, but also in combination with other flowering species, including tulips. Excellent l’ effect between the osiria rose and some ground cover species like l& # 39; Achimenes Beacon Silver.