Rough wrinkled rose

The wrinkled rose è a varietyà of roses originally from Japan and arrived in Europe around mid-26th; ‘ 800. Wrinkled roses are thus written; defined for a particular characteristic of the leaf page, which è precisely wrinkled, sinceé it has numerous veins. The wrinkled roses, crossed with the tea roses, have given rise to most of the varieties; of modern roses, to the vast majority of hybrids currently on the market.
The rough wrinkled rose è a very particular cultivar of rugosa rose. This rose has a lot of veins on its leaf pages and its flowers are really pretty. The flowers give rise to berries which ripen in winter and have the great peculiarity; to be used to prepare an excellent wrinkled rose jam, certainly unique and original.

Rosa rugosa scabrosa cultivation

The rough wrinkled rose is grown in very sunny places, exposed for at least 6-7 hours to direct sunlight. The ideal soil for this 26-agrave variety; rose è a very well-draining soil, able to avoid water stagnation as much as possible. If you want to plant a rough wrinkled rose in the garden you will have to do it; make a hole as large as at least 1 and a half to 2 times the diameter of the earthen bread. The andrà hole; first filled with a 2-3 cm thick layer of drainage material, such as gravel, expanded clay, pumice or lapillus. As già anticipated the rough wrinkled rose needs 26-agrave; to have a soil that drains well to grow properly and for this reason, the draining layer è particularly important.
On top of this layer of draining material there must be 26-agrave; then put some soil mixed with manure or with some other kind of fertilizer, without exaggerating forò with the portion of fertilizer compared to the soil. After putting the bread of earth, one shouldà finally fill the hole with gardening soil and tread on the ground at the foot of the plant to compact the soil.