The scented ancient roses

Scented ancient roses

Ancient roses are one of the 26-agrave varieties; of più roses; exclusives that can be found on the market. Although the varietiesà that we find on the market today are different from the ancient roses of 150 years ago, the salient characteristics of these varietiesà they are always the same: great scent, splendid blooms and little if any re-flowering. In fact, ancient roses have precisely these main characteristics and due to their poor re-flowering they have often been discarded compared to other species in the creation of gardens. The ancient roses the più sometimes they bloom only once a 26-year-old and for many people a single bloom all&year&and-26 year; too scarce and prefer remontant species such as tea hybrids. However, in this single bloom the ancient roses manage to enclose all the beauty, the perfume and the charm that in the other roses are distributed a bit; at a time   in the different blooms. Scented ancient roses are uncompromising roses: a single bloom but explosive, fragrant and incredibly fascinating. There are several species of fragrant ancient roses, let's see some varietiesà ;.

Alan Titchmarsh old rose

The Alan Titchmarsh or rosa Bardolino è a rose with the typical characteristics of ancient roses. The color of the petals of this rose è in fact a very light pale pink typical of ancient roses. The buds are always very full with flowers rich in petals curved towards the center. The perfume of Bardolino è something exceptional, very warm and deep, è a perfume that when it blooms spreads around the garden near the flowers. The dimensions of this fragrant old rose are those typical of a bush rose or a shrub rose depending on the pruning we are going to apply.