The varieties of ground cover roses

Varieties of ground cover roses

Roses are the queens of the garden but also the undisputed divas of the varietyà (not of varietyà). In fact, with these plants you never risk being disappointed, becauseé the species are really many and all very beautiful to see and cultivate. Thanks to the hybrids there are also varietiesà hardy and easy to grow. The so-called “ ground cover roses”, plants with beautiful flowering and low bearing, suitable for decorating flower beds and borders. Ground cover roses almost never exceed one hundred and fifty centimeters in height and when they bloom they form a surface covered with flowers. This feature of wallpapering, ie&is; to completely cover certain areas, gives the name to these roses, which, like già said, they are called “ ground cover&rdquo ;. There are many varietiesà of ground cover roses, in the next paragraphs we will mention some of the most important ones; known and appreciated.

Ground cover roses variety

The classification and l’ identification of the varietiesà of ground cover roses depends on the colors and the type of crossings or hybridizations. In the fantastic world of ground cover roses there are also varietiesà with red, white, yellow and fuchsia flowers. Some have double petals, others single and with a classical appearance. In all cases, these are really beautiful flowers, hardy, showy and easy to grow.

Variety names

Among the varietiesà red we mention the Black Forest Rose, the Drawn Cover and the Sevillana. Among the fuchsia ones we remember the Knock Out and the Lupo. A varietyà of yellow ground cover roses is called Loredo, characterized by large petals and an intense and golden yellow. The varietyà is also very beautiful; Sorrento, in red-orange color and the Sweet Cover, with candy pink flowers. A’ other ground cover rose è the Fairy, whose pale petals reflect a bright luminosity; that enchants. We cannot forget the White Meilland, varietyà with white flowers and incomparable whiteness. Other varietyà white è the White Roadrunner, with white petals and yellow stamens. The varietiesà of ground cover roses are so many and it would be impossible to name them all. In any case, we would like to mention other names, including Eidefeuer, Schneeflocken, Rote Max Graf, Repens Alba, Heidetraum, Les Quatre Saisons and Magic Meidiland. These varietiesà you can buy them in nurseries and e-commerce. They are usually sold in pots and cost around seven euros each.