Camille Pissarro rose of the Impressionists

Camille Pissarro

The Camille Pissarro rose is the young and lively sibling of the Claude Monet and Paul Cézanne roses. Its large blooms explode with fancily placed, vibrant colours of red, pink, yellow and white. This multicolour rose grows as a bush with an attractive dark green foliage, and can be cultivated both in flowerbeds or in small groups. It reaches a height of 80-100 cm and a width of 50-60 cm. Blooms in flushes from May to October.

Camille Pissarro
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Camille Pissarro Delbard Cultivated and appreciated by all lovers of the Impressionist's roses, the Camille Pissarro is a beautiful rose variety, suitable for anyone looking for bright colours.
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