Photo roses

Roses are the most important plants; beautiful in nature. Their appearance, the sinuous stem, the leaves at the same time ovate to pointed are the background to truly unique and fabulous flowers. The beauty of roses è undeniable and è why millions of people around the world have celebrated for centuries through truly spectacular images and photos. Roses have also been the subject of literary works, paintings and valuable paintings, but their beauty is è also known how to express through photographic art. Every image, every shot, even digitally, does nothing but tell how much roses really deserve to be defined as the queens of flowers and the garden.

Photo red roses

“ Red roses for you, I bought tonight… ” così says a famous song by Massimo Ranieri. And if the song was able to masterfully describe the splendor of red roses, even more so; pictures can do it. We invite you to watch the spectacle of this red rose, emblem not only of the beauty of nature, but also of a più meaning; deep that binds all’ love and feelings. The red rose è the rose of love and passion par excellence, giving it is certainly effective, but no less suggestive è look at it through this beautiful image.

Photo white roses

White roses are a symbol of purity, candor and innocence. These magnificent and at the same time delicate roses have always been used as a decoration for brides' dresses and hairstyles. White roses find their place in floral arrangements and bouquets. We invite you to admire them in this photo, maybe even just to get an idea of how to build your own bouquet of white roses and of which candid shadeà choose from the infinite varieties; of roses.

Photo dedicated to readers

In this image we present the photo of the “ Queen of Hearts”, or of the “ Queen of Hearts” , a wonderful varietyà which is among the fairytale roses. The flower è perfect, with intense colors and delicately scented like tea roses. This rose è suitable for growing in pots. L’ we have chosen to conclude this short sheet with the same style of our previous paragraph, or by quoting a famous song by Litfiba entitled proprio” Queen of Hearts&rdquo ;. “ Wonderful woman you are dangerous woman&rdquo ;, così reads the well-known passage. In fact, the “ Queen of Hearts” può to be compared to a wonderful but at the same time dangerous woman. Everyone knows that roses are beautiful but they sting. The thorns of roses and of life can be penetrated; forget, even for a moment, admiring the wonderful photo that concludes our page dedicated to photos of roses.