Strandperle Amrum - Rugosa Rose

Strandperle Amrum

Simple, flat flowers, 7 cm in diameter, composed of 5 carmine-coloured petals, very fragrant; visible yellow stamens and filaments. Very re-flowering and disease resistant, grows well bushed up to 100 cm in height and 60 cm in width, the foliage is velvety. It produces rose hips (autumn berries) which are appreciated by many birds as a nutrient-rich food and for human consumption. Selected by Rosen-Tantau, it was introduced in 2019.

Strandperle Amrum
Rose name Breeder Description
Strandperle Amrum Rosen Tantau A carmine-red, perfumed, richly flowering, rugosa rose that is very resistant to disease.
Price Weight
6,80 1,8 kg

vaso 1,5 Litri

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