The red raspberry of the season

Seasonal Red Raspberry

A beautiful traditional variety of raspberry, the seasonal red raspberry is an ideal plant for productivity and rusticity. Like all raspberries, it is grown in acidic or subacid reaction soil with good texture: it prefers soils with a lot of organic substance, loose and rich in nutrients. Thanks to its good rusticity, this plant can be grown without problems even in heavy soils as long as they are lightened with peat added to coarse sand. As for the climate and environmental needs of this plant, the seasonal red raspberry is grown well in the regions of central and northern Italy where the summers are not too dry and the winters are not too cold. As for the altitude, this plant grows well from sea level up to 1,200 - 1,300 meters above sea level.It is advisable to plant this raspberry in the period between November and December or in areas with mild winters in February-March.

Seasonal Red Raspberry
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Seasonal Red Raspberry Buy the red raspberry of the season, a classic variety that has always been excellent fruit and always gives great satisfaction.
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