Amica® - Ground cover rose


Double, small, cupped flowers, diameter 5 cm, with pink petals with a pale reverse; flowers in clusters. Grows compact, bushy, upright, reaching 50 cm in height and 60 cm in width. Awarded with the prestigious ADR (Anerkannte Deutcher Rose) in 2017 for its extraordinary disease resistance and re-flowering ability. Selected by Kordes Rosen, it was presented in 2019 and added to the RIGO ROSES® collection. Very versatile, it lends itself both to pot cultivation (balcony, cemetery, etc.) and as a border rose. It thrives well in partial shade.

Rose name Breeder Description
Amica® Kordes Rosen A pink landscape rose with outstanding disease resistance; re-flowering.
Price Weight
13,20 1,8 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri