Astronomia ® - Meiguimov shrub rose

Astronomia ® - Meiguimov

Meilland dedicated this rose to the Paris Observatory, one of the world's most ancient astronomical observatories and that can be found in the Montparnasse area, not too far from the magnificent Luxembourg Gardens, and the five-petalled shape of this flower really looks like a shining star! A delicate rose, with a light pink colour and white-cream shades, five petals that frame a bouquet of red stamens, very peculiar and ornamental. Up to 15 buds can be found on each stem and stand out from the very dense, glossy green foliage. A highly disease-resistant plant that grows bushy up to a height of 50-60 cm. Blooms repeatedly throughout the season until the first frost and is a perfect choice for terraces, balconies and borders. It has achieved several awards in Buenos Aires, The Hauge and Le Roeulx and it has also been nominated Rose of the Year in Bagatelle.

Astronomia ® - Meiguimov
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Astronomia ® - Meiguimov Meilland Famous for its nomination as Rose of the Year in Bagatelle, the Astronomia rose features pinkish petals with white-cream streaks.
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