Easy Cover® - Sparkling Pink Cover® shrub rose

Easy Cover® - Sparkling Pink Cover®

A rose included in the Towne & Country range by the breeder Poulsen Roser (1989). Its blooms are small, semi-double, 4 cm in diameter and filled with 15-25 slightly fragrant pink petals. Repeat-flowering and hardy, grows compact and well branched up to a height of 50 cm and a spread of 45 cm. In springtime the pink of its blooms stands out from the small glossy dark green foliage. Highly disease-resistant. Well known worldwide thanks to the numerous achievements: year 1995 Bronze Medal in Baden-Baden; Certificate of Merit in Inagro vzw, Rumbeke-Beitem; year 1996 Gold Medal Direzione Giardini e Foreste in Genoa; Silver Medal from the City Park Management in Copenhagen; year 1997 Certificate of Merit and Bronze Certificate; year 1998 Silver Certificate; year 2000 Gold Certificate at the International Trials in Den Haag; Second Prize at the L'Ingenieur des Services Techniques in Paris.

Easy Cover® - Sparkling Pink Cover®
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Easy Cover® - Sparkling Pink Cover® Poulsen Award-winning and highly disease-resistant shrub rose with pink blooms.
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