Les Quatre Saison shrub rose

Les Quatre Saison

A landscape rose that displays dense clusters of blooms (between 4 and 20 per stem) of a bright pale-pink colour; the corollas are very double, quartered, with a petal count of more than 100, and are compact and quite large (9 cm in diameter). This rose grows to a height of 60-70 cm, with a very dense and dark green to bronze foliage. Blooms generously and repeatedly throughout the season; excellent pest, weather and disease-resistance, features that make this variety very suitable for borders or flowering hedges. The prestigious ADR award and the Gold Medal in Baden Baden underline the excellence of this landscape rose.

Les Quatre Saison
Rose name Breeder Description
Les Quatre Saison Meilland Les Quatre Saison is a very beautiful shrub rose with pink blooms and with a strong pest and disease-resistance...discover it with us!
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