Teri Rose® Dalterise shrub rose

Teri Rose® Dalterise

A hybrid musk rose that grows as a shrub rose with small, double flowers that are displayed in clusters and are filled with 17-25 cherry-red petals that in cooler climates are streaked with crimson. The flowerbeds and pots in which these roses are planted will become a beautiful cushion of flowers that will thrive until the first frost; the foliage is dense and disease-resistant; it grows to a height of 70 cm and a spread of 100 cm. Selected by Davide Dalla Libera in 2012 and dedicated to the President of the Perugia Garden Club, a genuine rose enthusiast.

Teri Rose® Dalterise
Rose name Breeder Description
Teri Rose® Dalterise Meilland A ground cover rose with cherry-red and crimson blooms; disease-resistant and repeat-flowering.
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12,70 2,5 kg

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