Belle de Sardaigne® Masflesa climbing rose

Belle de Sardaigne® Masflesa

Elegant and reliable climbing rose selected by Dominique Massad in 1996, it has small blooms with a pompom form, a light pink colour, filled with 26-40 petals that flower in flushes repeatedly throughout the season. Grows to a height of 400 cm with a glaucous green foliage, highly disease-resistant; thanks to its suitability for the Mediterranean climate, the disease-resistance and the generous bloomings, the Belle de Sardaigne has achieved in 2011 the Grand Prix de la rose, important French prize awarded by the Sociètè Nationale d'Horticulture de France.

Belle de Sardaigne® Masflesa
Rose name Breeder Description
Belle de Sardaigne® Masflesa Novaspina Climber especially suitable for the Mediterranean climate, with pink pompom blooms and disease-resistant.
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