Blue Eden ® - Wekisosblip climbing rose

Blue Eden ® - Wekisosblip

An enchanting climber with lavender-streaked, crimson-red blooms, that has also achieved the prestigious A.A.R.S. award. The fragrance is delicate, of rose and lemon. The corolla has a structure that is similar to the Old Garden Roses', with the medium-sized blooms that grow in clusters, a petal count of 25-30, and a healthy and dark green foliage. These are the main features of the Blue Eden, a rose that cannot go unnoticed. The plant grows to a height of 120 cm, blooms generously and repeatedly throughout the season and is suitable to be cultivated either solitary or in casual flowerbeds with other varieties.

Blue Eden ® - Wekisosblip
Rose name Breeder Description
Blue Eden ® - Wekisosblip Weeks Roses The Blue Eden is a wonderful climbing rose, with a peculiar crimson red colour and big and delicate petals.
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