Cinderella climbing rose


A rose with so many interesting features that it has been acknowledged to be the best climber of the hybridizer Kordes Rosen. It has the charm of an Old Garden Rose, with soft pink double blooms that are 10 cm in diameter. The foliage is dark green and thick. It is a healthy and disease-resistant plant that grows to a maximum height of 200 cm and a spread of 80 cm. It has a mild, fruity fragrance that will remind you of apples. The Cinderella has received a number of awards including: Baden-Baden Gold Medal 2002; Rome Gold Medal 2002; Geneva Gold Medal 2002; Tokyo Gold Medal 2002.

Rose name Breeder Description
Cinderella Kordes Rosen The Cinderella is a climbing rose that has beautiful, very full old-fashioned flowers and grows to a height of 170-200 cm.
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