Looping ® Meibeljenb climbing rose

Looping ® Meibeljenb

A modern climbing rose of the vine type that blooms a first time in spring and has a second slighter generous blooming in autumn. The blooms are cream-white with a flat cupped form and a petal count of 30.

The foliage is dark green and the plant is disease-resistant. For a generous blooming it's best to limit the pruning. In warmer climates can exceed a height of 300 cm, sometimes reaching 500 cm, for this reason it's an excellent choice to decorate arches, pergolas and fences.

Looping ® Meibeljenb
Rose name Breeder Description
Looping ® Meibeljenb Meilland The Looping - Meibeljenb is a climbing rose with cream-white blooms and can grow to a height of 5 meters...discover its features!
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