Maritim ® climbing rose

Maritim ®

A climbing rose that grows upright and vigorous to a height of 200-300 cm, with big blooms (12 cm in diameter) that are very full and in a rounded cupped form that when fully bloomed resemble the peonies. The magenta-pink colour of the flowers is very stable and will not fade if exposed to extended periods of sunlight. The foliage is light green and glossy, very ornamental, and with the elegant blooms will brighten up arches, fences, trellises and any important corner of your garden. The plant is quite disease-resistant.

Maritim ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Maritim ® Tantau Rosen The Maritim is a charming climbing rose that with its incredible colors gives joy and liveliness to anyone who admires its beauty.
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