Night Owl ™ - WEKpurosot - Climbing rose

Night Owl ™ - WEKpurosot

Fascinating climbing rose with a simple, flat flower, 10 cm in diameter, made up of 8-12 dark purple petals that degrade to crison with age; the yellow stamens are visible in the center. Fragrant and re-flowering, it has excellent resistance to diseases, grows slender, reaches 400 cm in height and 200 cm in width. Wide silvery green leaves; it is an ideal variety for arches and columns. Selected by Carruth in 2005 it was introduced by Weeks in 2005; in 2011 it won the Gold Standard Rose Trial.

Night Owl ™ - WEKpurosot
Rose name Breeder Description
Night Owl ™ - WEKpurosot Carruth Dark purple climbing rose, fragrant, re-flowering and very resistant to diseases
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13,70 2,5 kg

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