Rose de Tolbiac ® climbing rose

Rose de Tolbiac ®

Selected by Kordes in 2013 and included in the Kletter Maxe collection, the Rose de Tolbiac climbing rose has a romantic charm, with its big, double blooms that have a diameter of 9 cm and filled with 41 corrugated petals. The flowers are fragrant and bloom repeatedly, growing upright on a bushy plant that has medium-sized, dense, dark green and shiny leaves. Can reach a height of 200 cm and a spread of 70 cm; extremely disease-resistant; it gave its name to the garden show of Zülpich 2014: Tolbiac is its latin name.

Rose de Tolbiac ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Rose de Tolbiac ® Kordes Rosen The Rose de Tolbiac climbing rose features big nostalgic blooms with a pastel-pink colour; it's a very hardy repeat-flowering that is also disease-resistant.
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