Roter Korsar climbing rose

Roter Korsar

Small elongated buds bloom into deep-red coloured roses that are glossy, with an open cupped form, semi-double and about 9 cm in diameter. The plant grows bushy, healthy and hardy up to a height of about 150 cm, with the classical arched shape of some climbing roses. The foliage is medium sized, dark green, glossy and very dense. The plant blooms generously and repeatedly throughout the season and is highly weather and disease-resistant. It has achieved several awards in Orleans, Belfast and Kortrik.

Roter Korsar
Rose name Breeder Description
Roter Korsar Kordes Rosen The Rote Korsar is a climber with plenty of small red blossoms that are very ornamental. Blooms repeatedly and is highly disease-resistant.
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