Uetersener Klosterrose climbing rose

Uetersener Klosterrose

A sarmentose rose that grows healthy and vigorous to a height of 250-300 cm, displaying beautifully coloured blossoms: the buds are of a delicate cream colour but fade slowly into a pale yellow as soon as the flower opens up. The blooms are quite large (10-11 cm in diameter) and exhale a delicate fragrance. The corollas are rounded and quite opened in the center so to display the red stamens, but this also causes the blooms to fill up with water when it rains. It has a remarkable disease-resistance with a generous and early flowering. Like all climbers it is best suited to decorate arches, walls and pergolas; it has achieved the Bronze Medal in Geneve and the Certificate of Merit in Madrid.

Uetersener Klosterrose
Rose name Breeder Description
Uetersener Klosterrose Tantau Rosen The Uetersener Klosterrose is a very peculiar rose with a delicate colour and a very charming look.
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13,70 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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