Golden Celebration - Ausgold English rose

Golden Celebration - Ausgold

The blooms are very big, 7 cm in diameter, a petal count of 55-70, gold-yellow colour, magnificent, globular, resembling golden cups. Grows leafy, bushy and slightly arched to a height of 120 cm but in warm weather can be cultivated as a climber. The fragrance is strong, sweet; on the Rose Award Day at R.N.R.S in 2000 it has been awarded as the best bush and most fragrant variety. It has also been awarded by the Royal Horticultural Society with the Garden of Merit Award.

Golden Celebration - Ausgold
Rose name Breeder Description
Golden Celebration - Ausgold David Austin An enchanting English rose: the Golden Celebration will give to the garden colour and liveliness thanks to its wonderful yellow blooms!
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