Absolutely Fabulous - Anisade ® - Julia Child™

Double, cupped, old-style flower with a diameter of 7 cm, composed of 30 yellow petals with buttery nuances. It gives off a strong fragrance; it is very flowering and resists the heat. It grows vigorous but with a compact and rounded habit, reaches 70 cm in height and width; good resistance to diseases, the foliage is shiny green. This rose is suitable for pot cultivation. Selected by Tom Carruth in 2006, it has won numerous international awards: 2006 All-America Rose Selection; 2010 Rose of the year at the Gold Rose Standard Trial and RHS for the Royal Society Horticulture Show, 2019 best rose at the Glasgow Rose Trials.

Absolutely Fabulous - Anisade ® - Julia Child™
Rose name Breeder Description
Absolutely Fabulous - Anisade ® - Julia Child™ Carruth Beautiful yellow floribunda rose with a strong perfume and heat resistant.
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