Bayerngold ® - Baviera d'Oro floribunda rose

Bayerngold ® - Baviera d'Oro

Beautiful gold-yellow variety, and one of the hardiest and healthiest roses of this colour. Grows compact and with a high resistance to low temperatures. The blooms are medium, full and compact, flowering continuosly and long-lasting, the foliage is shiny green and glossy. Thanks to its low height (60-70 cm) and the hardiness of the shrub, the Bayerngold is especially suited for both urban landscaping and house gardening, gifting your flowerbeds with a touch of yellow.

Bayerngold ® - Baviera d'Oro
Rose name Breeder Description
Bayerngold ® - Baviera d'Oro Tantau Rosen For yellow lovers the Bayerngold is a highly appreciated gift. The beauty of its flowers lays especially in the golden petals that exhale a delicious scent.
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