Mountbatten ® floribunda rose

Mountbatten ®

The Mountbatten is a Floribunda rose with a yellow bloom that sometimes is sprinkled with pink. It has been selected by Harkness and its blooms are double, large (11 cm in diameter), cupped, displayed solitary or in clusters of 3 to 7. It has a medium fragrance and is quite reblooming. Grows as an upright, tall, dense and well-branched bush to a height of 150 cm and a spread of 100 cm. The leaves are large, glossy, and the plant is very resistant and sturdy. Suitable for flowerbeds, borders but also for cutting. In 1982 this rose has achieved the "Rose of the Year" award in England and furthermore the Princess Diana chose this variety for her wedding bouquet.

Mountbatten ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Mountbatten ® Harkness The Mountbatten is a Floribunda rose variety with slightly fragrant yellow blooms and a strong disease-resistance.
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