Carte Blanche floribunda rose

Carte Blanche

The corollas are opened in a flat form and filled with 35 pure white petals that outline the dark bouquet of the central stamens. A repeat-flowering rose that can develop up to 15 blooms per stem, grows regular and steady to a height of 90 cm. The foliage is glossy green and provides an attractive backdrop to the pure white blooms that have a diameter of 8 cm and making the Carte Blanche - Meibarum an excellent choice for rosebushes and borders. The unusual honey fragrance makes this gorgeous rose even more prized.

Carte Blanche
Rose name Breeder Description
Carte Blanche Meilland The Carte Blanche - Meibarum rose has a pure white colour and a delightful honey fragrance, excellent for garden borders.
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