Carte D’Or ® - Meidresia floribunda rose

Carte D’Or ® - Meidresia

A classy rose with an intense and long lasting yellow colour. The blooms are quite big and compact (9 cm in diameter and a petal count of 35-37) with a slight rose fragrance and are displayed between 2 and 10 per stem. It has a medium resistance to diseases and has been nicknamed "sun ray" by Meilland; the foliage is light green and it's a quite hardy variety that grows to a height of about 60-80 cm, suitable for bushes or borders.

Carte D’Or ® - Meidresia
Rose name Breeder Description
Carte D’Or ® - Meidresia Meilland The Carte D'Or - Meidresia is a Floribunda rose featuring gorgeous bright yellow blooms that exhale a delicate fragrance. It's highly appreciated for its hardiness.
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