Candy Ruffle's - Floribunda Rose

Candy Ruffle's

Double flower, cup shaped, diameter 8 cm composed of 17-25 "ruffled" petals, with a salmon orange color, slightly perfumed. Repeat flowering, the branches carry bunches of 2-5 flowers. It grows erect and well branched up to 90 cm in height and 60 cm across; the foliage is glossy. Medium resistant to diseases, it is suitable for pot cultivation; it has been selected by Peter Ilsink and introduced by Interplant BV in 2007; it is part of the Ruffle Roses collection.

Candy Ruffle's
Rose name Breeder Description
Candy Ruffle's Interplant Ruffled floribunda rose, with a salmon orange color, perfumed, repeat flowering; suitable for pot cultivation
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12,90 2,5 kg

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