Deborah ® Meinoir floribunda rose

Deborah ® Meinoir

A plant that grows upright and bushy, suitable for flowerbeds and hedges with colourful crimson-pink flowers. Blooms generously and repeatedly with up to 12 blooms per stem that are 7-8 cm in diameter. The Deborah Meinoir is self-cleaning because the petals fall to the ground as soon as they fade instead of turning brown and withering on the plant. In late Autumn it produces big and persistent glossy-orange rose hips. The plant has a dark green foliage and is usually healthy and semi-shade tolerant. ADR in 1989. Grows to a height of 80-120 cm.

Deborah ® Meinoir
Rose name Breeder Description
Deborah ® Meinoir Meilland The Deborah Meinoir grows as a bush and is repeat-flowering. In Autumn it produces big orange-coloured rose hips.
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