Escapade ® floribunda rose

Escapade ®

It's a Floribunda rose selected by Harkness, with a small flower that is semi-double and cupped, and with a purple-streaked mauve colour. A repeat-flowering variety that exhales a strong fragrance, highly disease-resistant and that can reach a height of 120 cm and a spread of 105 cm. In September 1998, the Botanical Gardens of Montreal (Le Jardin Botanique de Montreal) tested its roses against botrytis, blight, rust and powdery mildew. The Escapade has been one of the most resistant varieties with a maximum infection of 5%.

Escapade ®
Rose name Breeder Description
Escapade ® Harkness The Escapade is a Floribunda rose with mauve coloured blooms that exhale a strong fragrance. It's a disease-resistant and repeat-flowering variety.
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