Fredensborg Castle™ floribunda rose

Fredensborg Castle™

Semi-double flower, cup-shaped, 9 cm in diameter, composed of 15-25 orange-pinkish petals (coral pink), slightly perfumed. Very resistant to diseases and re-flowering, it grows very bushy up to 100 cm in height and 70 in width. Shiny dark green leaves. Historic component of the Castle® collection was selected by Poulsen Roser A / S in 1989 and won several awards in the 90s: 1994 Gold Medal at the Rosenhave Tomb of Moss (Norway), Bronze Medal at the Stadsingeniørens Direktorat Parkafdelingen (Copenhagen) , Gold medal in the Monza competition, Certificate of Merit Inagro vzw, Rumbeke-Beitem (Belgium); 1996 silver medal Inagro vzw, Rumbeke-Beitem (Belgium); 1997 Certificate of Merit in Den Haag (Netherlands); 1999 winner of the ROTY award at The Royal National Rose Society, Hertfordshire (England); 2000 Certificate of Commendation in Glasgow.

Fredensborg Castle™
Rose name Breeder Description
Fredensborg Castle™ Poulsen Reblooming and disease-resistant orange-pinkish floribunda rose
Price Weight
12,90 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri

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