Jardins De Bagatelle floribunda rose

Jardins De Bagatelle

A cream-white coloured rose with a pale pink hue at the edge of the petals (about 65) that form a corolla with a traditional cupped shape and a spiralled structure. The stems bear between one and five blooms that are quite large (12 cm in diameter) and exhale a strong and sweet fragrance. The plant grows as a romantic rose to a height of about 90-100 cm, reblooms generously and the foliage is dense and healthy. It is suitable for any kind of use and cultivation, this classic by Meilland has received at least 6 international awards, including the Perfume Trophy in Bagatelle and the Gold Medal in Geneve.

Jardins De Bagatelle
Rose name Breeder Description
Jardins De Bagatelle Meilland The Jardins De Bagatelle are Floribunda roses with a cream-white bloom that are suitable to be grow in any garden...discover them with us!
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