Origami - Floribunda Rose


In 2015, the breeder Meilland introduced this rose with an incredible star shape. The 9 cm diameter flower has about 41 bicolored red-cream petals that form right angles. It is repeat-flowering and with good resistance to diseases, it reaches 80 cm in height and 50 in width. Ideal for both cut flowers and warm climates, it has dark green foliage. Award-winning rose: 2016 certificate of merit in Monaco; 2011 Barcelona rose Trial; 2010 Best floribunda and gold medal at the Australian National Rose Trial; silver medal at the Japan Rose Concours.

Rose name Breeder Description
Origami Meilland A slightly scented, repeat-flowering floribunda rose shaped like a star with a two-colored red and cream flower
Price Weight
13,20 2,5 kg

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