Paprika Meiriental floribunda rose

Paprika Meiriental

A rose that grows bushy and with generous and lush bloomings of small roses (5-7 cm in diameter) that have a dark red, velvety and long-lasting colour. It reaches a height that varies between 70 and 120 cm, with a dense, glossy green foliage. The Paprika is extremely disease and weather-resistant, a feature that makes this rose suitable for urban landscaping or to create borders in your gardens. This rose grows bushy, vigorous and lush, suitable for large cultivations.

Paprika Meiriental
Rose name Breeder Description
Paprika Meiriental Meilland The Paprika Meiriental is a hardy Floribunda rose selected by Meilland that is capable of producing excellent dark red with us all its features!
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12,90 2,5 kg

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