Belles Rives® Meizolnil hybrid tea rose

Belles Rives® Meizolnil

A new entry for the year 2017 from the hybridizer Meilland. Belles Rives has turbulent double, cupped flowers, with a diameter of 12cm and 35 delicate cherry pink petals that exhale a fruity scent. It blooms in flushes throughout the season and is disease resistant. Ideal as a cut flower, with a glossy green foliage, grows up to 90cm both in height and spread. Introduced the 7th of October in the hall of the Hotel Belles Rives, famous on the Riviera for its hosts like F.Scott Fitzgerald or E. Hemingway.

Belles Rives® Meizolnil
Rose name Breeder Description
Belles Rives® Meizolnil Novaspina Big, elegant, and sophisticated flower, with cherry pink petals and a fruity scent. Disease resistant and suited as cut flower.
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12,90 2,5 kg

vaso 2,4 Litri