Caprice De Meilland ® - Meisionver hybrid tea rose

Caprice De Meilland ® - Meisionver

This beautiful rose with about 35 petals has sophisticated blooms tinted with an eye-catching bengal-pink. The scent is intense with notes of tropical fruits.

The plant grows healthy and vigorous up to a height of 100cm, with big flowers (12cm of diameter) and a green-matted foliage. It has a good resistance to diseases and blooms repeatedly throughout the season. Suitable for a variety of uses: can pot-grown, used in flowerbeds and borders, solitary or in groups. Can be used as cut-flower as well.

Caprice De Meilland ® - Meisionver
Rose name Breeder Description
Caprice De Meilland ® - Meisionver Meilland This is a rose with a strong personality, thanks to is bengal-pink blooms with a fruity scent. Grows vigorous.
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