Catherine Deneuve - Meipraserpi hybrid tea rose

Catherine Deneuve - Meipraserpi

Meilland underlines how this marvellous rose resembles the elegance of the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve. The big blooms (12cm in diameter) reveal slowly all the shades of salmon-pink with light hues of yellow that paint its petals (about 25), and give the plant a sophisticated look with a single flower per stem.

The plant grows upright and blooms continuosly throughout the season, with a dark green foliage as a nice backdrop; healthy and resistant, grows to a height of 100cm and is suitable to be grown in both a garden (bushes and borders) or in a pot. Excellent as cut flower. Gold Medal Award in Rome.

Catherine Deneuve - Meipraserpi
Rose name Breeder Description
Catherine Deneuve - Meipraserpi Meilland The Catherine Deneuve rose has blooms of a salmon-pink colour that bring to mind the elegant and glamour French actress of whom it bears the name.
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