Cherry Brandy hybrid tea rose

Cherry Brandy

The elongated buds of this noble rose open slowly to form an elegant turbinated bloom of medium size (8-10cm in diameter). It has a striking auburn colour with shiny hues that fade to an intense yellow.

Charming flower, excellent for cutting, it is also appreciated for the fruity fragrance exhaled. The foliage of this rose is healthy and vigorous, light green in colour, and the plant grows strong to a height of 80-110 cm with plenty of buds that bloom continuously throughout the season. Medium disease resistant, well suited to be grown in groups in the garden, but can also be pot grown.

Cherry Brandy
Rose name Breeder Description
Cherry Brandy Tantau Rosen The Hybrid Tea Cherry Brandy rose has big blooms with a copper colour that fades to yellow. The fragrance is delicate and fruity.
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