Fiona Gelin hybrid tea rose

Fiona Gelin

A very glamorous rose, according to the season the Fiona Gelin goes through a light coppery-pink to an apricot-pink. The bloom is medium, double, with not less than 60 petals; the plant is vigorous, healthy, and reaches a height of 100cm, with a glossy dark green foliage that brings out the eye-catching pink of the rose.

The fragrance is strong, with scents of viola, lemon, grapefruit, apricot, white pepper, vanilla and muscat. Can be pot-grown.

Fiona Gelin
Rose name Breeder Description
Fiona Gelin Guillot The Fiona Gelin has a strong fragrance and the ability to change its colour according to the season, going from a light pink to an apricot pink.
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12,90 2,5 kg

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