Papa Meilland ® - Meicesar hybrid tea rose

Papa Meilland ® - Meicesar

The main features of this highly appreciated rose, hybridized by Meilland, are the velvety-crimson colour and the strong fragrance. It's a vigorous rosebush that can reach a height of one meter and a spread of 70 cm. The fragrance is strong and intoxicating with notes of lemon; the blooms are full, 14 cm in diameter and with 30-35 petals. The foliage is dense and vigorous. All these traits make the Papa Meilland one of the best plants of the century. Suitable to be pot-grown, but also planted solitary or in groups in the garden. Can be used as cut-flower.

Papa Meilland ® - Meicesar
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Papa Meilland ® - Meicesar Meilland The deep red colour of its blooms make the Papa Meilland one of the most appreciated roses to be grown in your home's garden.
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